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Our Immunizations & Vaccinations

Vineyard Medical, two locations in Calgary

Finding a trusted practitioner to administer immunizations and vaccinations injections for you and your children can be stressful. However, the staff at our two Calgary walk in clinic locations can ease those fears. Our family doctors can answer any questions and concerns you may have regarding different vaccinations. This way you can feel comfortable and have all the information needed before finding a public health location, in order to administer the vaccinations.

Chicken Pox

Did you have chicken pox when you were younger? It turns out your body keeps the shingles virus hidden, and can reactivate when your immune system begins to naturally weaken as you age. Nevertheless, we are able to administer SHINGRIX if a patient requests it and meets the criteria.

Pneumococcal & HPV Vaccines

The pneumococcal vaccine helps prevent strains of meningitis, pneumonia and sepsis. We recommend it for children under the age of two and adults over the age of 65. Another important vaccine is the Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine. Subsequently, helping protect against two types of HPV. Including the leading cause of cervical cancers.

Public health professionals offer both of these vaccines, however, we can provide you with all information prior. In some cases we will administer the HPV vaccine, but it’s best to always call the clinic ahead of time, to ensure we can in your case.

Flu Shots & Other Vaccines

Our family clinics can also provide annual influenza shots for anyone six years old and older.

If you’re looking for more information about immunizations and vaccinations we offer, or would like information about ones offered at public health locations, be sure to contact one of our two medical clinics today.

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