Medical Examinations

Family friendly medical clinic, two locations in Calgary

One area we do require an appointment is if you need a medical examination. The doctors at both our Seton medical clinic location and Westwinds medical clinic can complete yearly physicals, routine checkups for your children at regularly scheduled intervals, and sports physicals. We also provide medical exams for members of the RCMP and Calgary Police Service.

Drivers Medical Examination

If you’re applying or renewing a Class 1, 2 or 4 driver’s licence you’ll need to first complete a driver’s medical examination. The test requires repeats every five years until the age of 45 and increases to every two years at 65. After 65 it becomes an annual exam. Another reason to get a driver’s medical exam is if you require it due to a medical related issue, you’ve lost your licence due to a medical related issue, or you’re over the age of 75.

Annual Physical

Most of the exams are routine and one of our family physicians will perform them. Going for an annual medical examination is an essential part of your yearly routine. Many jobs require a check-up and a full bill of health before you can get back to work. However, going for an annual should be on your calendar, whether you are required to or not. It is important to check up on your health before a problem arises. Catching things early on could save your life.

These medical examinations involve an assessment and review of the patient’s medical history. Some of the exams will require a vision test to ensure the patient meets government standards, as well as a hearing test. Our staff can help fill out any necessary medical forms.

Medical Examination Fees

Annual physicals and child checkups are covered by Alberta Health Services. However, for medical examinations like sports medicals, driver’s medicals and police medicals, there may be a charge for the forms as it’s an uninsured service. This fee varies based on the exam requested and is determined by the fee guide provided by Alberta Health Services.

Due for a medical exam?

Whether you need to complete a driver’s medical, a sports medical or your annual checkup, give us a call to book an appointment at either our Vineyard Seton medical clinic or our Westwinds location.